10.    Reveal Sub-Standard Repairs or Modifications

Many homes have had repairs or modifications which were improperly done. A qualified inspector can spot sub-standard work performed by non-professionals.

9.      Protection

A through home inspection can protect you from buying what appear to be a quality house but may be a short sale, foreclosure, or a “flipped house”. Many of these homes have hidden defects professionally covered up. 

8.      Forecast Upcoming Expenses

Many people buying a new home have their budgets stretched to the limit. Any unexpected expenses could spell disaster.

7.      Safety

Home inspectors checks for numerous safety hazard.

6.      Risk vs. Rewards

A quality home inspection may cost you a few hundred dollars, but it can save you thousands!

5.      Structural Issues

As a home buyer, you need to be confident in your home’s foundation and other structure components.

4.      It Can Provide You an “Out”

You may be able to cancel the contract if the house findings are numerous or very serious and no relief is offered.

3.     The Home Inspector is Looking Out for You

The home inspector works only for the buyer. He has your best interest at heart.

2.      Negotiations Tool

A home inspection report presents your best opportunity to ask for repairs and/or a price reduction from the seller.

1.      Peace of Mind

A home inspection will provide you with understanding of the house’s condition and will help you make an informed decision. The price of the home inspection is worth the peace of mind.



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